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Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental: 5 Things You Need to Know

When your carpet gets very dirty and you are considering whether to clean it on your own or get another person to do the work for you, take the time to conduct a research and you will find that steam cleaners are the best especially if you have limited time to do it yourself.  There are many cleaning methods used but the modern ones are discussed below and hopefully, your anticipated carpet rental cleaners will use.

Examples of duty steam


It has 1500 watts of power and 50-ounce water tank for the steam and cleaning purpose. It removes greases and grime, cleans the kitchen floor, carpets, BBQ grill, car and bathroom. Since its water is normally heated to about 220 degrees it helps you sanitize and clean.


It has 1500 watts of power and 48 ounces of water for your cleaning and sanitizing. It cleans all parts of your house including the garage but its water is heated to about 150degrees.

Things to know before choosing a carpet steam cleaner

The time

Consult your carpet cleaners to determine the amount of time that will be needed to finish the cleaning and drying of the carpet.

Carpet cleaning detergent versus steam dry cleaners

Traditionally detergents were used to clean the carpets with the steam cleaners but today with the presence of McCulloch-MC-1275-Heavy-Duty-Steam-Cleaner and Wagner-915-500-Watt-On-Demand-Steamer you may not need detergents. As the steam will remove the dirt. However, some companies still employ the use of both and you will need to know whether to buy solutions or not.

Are they certified, insured and trained?

A good technician will show you that they have received certification from the institute of inspection and carpets and rugs institute. The carpet and rugs institute trains and tests all steam cleaners to see if they qualify to be professionals, depending on their performances they are given either silver, gold or bronze star ratings.

The company should hold their workman’s insurance policy in case of an accident so that you are not required to pay for their hospital bills.

Cleaning method

Depending on various factors the most general method of cleaning involves vacuuming to remove loose soil, application of detergent and chemical then increasing the room temperature in order to loosen the sticky soil. Soil extraction using hot water or steam cleaning. Then grooming it to maintain its original look and finally drying the carpet

The drying time

Depending on the amount of stain on your carpet the drying time may range from 6 to 10 hours and more but less than 24 hours.

The portability of the steam cleaner

You will be required to carry the machine into the car and around the house so it is important to use a duty steam cleaner that is lighter in weight.

Carpet cleaning reviews

Before choosing the appropriate cleaners for you it is important to check the reviews by their clients as this will further tell you whether the company you are going for is suitable

Carpet cleaning price

The price versus the service you are getting matter a lot. Before you ask the cleaning service to come, find out the price of the service.

There are many companies so be careful so that you don’t receive a raw deal.

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