Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Make Life Away from Home Easier for the Always Traveling Business Person in Your Life

Airline technology and advancements in travel have made it easier and cheaper than ever before for jobs to send their employees off on work trips. Typically, it’s cheaper and more efficient for big companies to hire one person that can oversee and execute the same tasks in different regions and pay for their travel expenses than it is to hire multiple people to do the same job in various different cities or states. Although it’s becoming easier, it is still stressful to leave your home and family on a regular basis. If you know someone who travels a lot for business, consider some of these gift ideas this year.

New Carry On Business Only Luggage and Garment Bag

We recommend that anyone who travels regularly for work keep a carry on and formal garment bag ready ad packed at all times. It may be for emergency last minute trips or simply to save time when it matters most, but having it ready at all times is almost necessary. Go out and get them a new set of carry on and formal garment bag and exercise gear if they work out. Explain what their purpose is and try to encourage them to only use it for business. Hopefully after a trip or two, they’ll realize the convenience of it and keep it like that!

TSA Approved Toiletries with a Small Stockpile Supply

AIrline and airport security have been a tricky and difficult topic over the last ten or twenty years. Since they are always changing the requirements, we recommend getting online and seeing what is allowed. Then get an approved zipper bathroom bag and stock it full of the favorite products in travel size bottles.Buy extra bottles so when they run out they won’t completely stop using your bag. If you do it right you could even continue buying the soap and shampoo replacements as their birthday presents for years to come.

Tablet and Gift Card for E-Books or Small Laptop for Movies and TV Shows

When traveling on business, everybody likes the ability to unwind and relax into a book or good movie. Get them started with a new e-reader and some gift cards to buy some books. For those that aren’t into books as much, there are some great compact and affordable laptops they can download and use to watch like a TV.

New Shoulder Bag or Briefcase to Hold Any and All Business Related Items

Since they’re a business person, they need somewhere to keep their business equipment and supplies. For the most part, all big airlines will allow one carry on bag and a personal item, this includes shoulder bags and briefcases. Try to get them something that will hold their computer, charger, documents, and some pens at the minimum. You want it to be big enough for everything, but also small enough that it isn’t a pain or problem to travel with all of the time.

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